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The Gift of the Magi

"The Gift of the Magi" isn't simply a story about giving presents. O. Henry's main message concerns love and sacrifice. Write one paragraph in which you discuss the theme of this story

nacho maldonado #18 said...

The story the gift of the magi is about a non wealthy married couple, who want to give each other a worthy enough gift on christmas, which was the day after. When she was going to buy her husbands a gift all she had was one dollar and eighty seven cents , whith which she could buy nothing worthy enough gift for her husband. So she decides to sell her prizest posetion,which was her long and beautiful brown hair. The theme of this story is that you don't need much to have a good family christmas day and that sometimes one has to sacrifice what one most likes to give someone you love something nice and even if you dont have a good use for it because it was supposed to be for her what they havde sold but the point is that whatever you give to someone either it be priceless or unworthy to someone it is the thought that counts no matter what it is.
by: natasha n. maldonado

The Necklace

Write an ending for the story "The Necklace" starting from the meeting between Madame Loisel and Madame Forestier at the park. Remember, it must be written in a paragraph format

nacho maldonado #18 said...

When madame loisel incounters madame forestier , she tells her about the necklace; in a way she was blamming her about the ten years of ardous work. When actually it wasw her fault for not telling her the truth. After she stoped confessing madame forestier tries to explain to her that her necklace was barely halfh of the money she spent on the replacement. Madame forestier then gives her back the necklace for madame looisel to return it to the store and get the money back. Then she told her to keep the money and forget about giving her a necklace and to use the money to make begin her own company and that if she ever neede financial help that she could count on her; also she told her that no matter what to always tell her the truth. Ten years later madame loisel finally completed her wish of being high class and being wealthy.
natasha n. maldonado :)

The Cask of Amontillado

Answer the following questions and explain your answer. Is revenge ever justified?

nacho maldonado #18 said...

In my opinion revenge is never justified, unless you would read the behind the scenes information, where it states that the reason for killing "Mr.Green" was for killing their fellow soldier who had done nothing to deserve the awful treatment, murder, he had gotten. But if the question is directed to the story with no additional information than no, it is not justified because all the story says is that he had been insulted by Fortunato many times and that the last insult he received hurt him gravely. We don't know to what extent was the insult, it might have been just a silly name calling or it could've also been a severe insult like the murder of a family member or a push and pull from Fortunato. Either way, with or without extra information no human being has the right to take the life of another human being, for any justified or unjustified. Because for us Christians the only "person" who is authorized to give and take away life is God. Att: Natasha N. Maldonado

The Scarlet Ibis

Do you think the narrator was cruel to his brother Doodle? Explain your answer

nacho maldonado #18 said...

Well I think that he was very cruel to his brother because he would make him overpass his limits which were the only things keeping him alive. By making him do more than what he was supposed to and the action of doing more than the body could hold ended up killing him. If he would have done it at least for his brother, but no, he did it for self pride and to not be ridiculed or embarrased by his friends. He knew his brother could not run and he did not mind he kept on pushing him even though his brother would tell him that he could not take it anymore, and eventually that ended up killing him.

att: Natasha N. Maldonado

Two kinds


Two Kinds

Think about the attitude of the narrator in "Two Kinds." Does her attitude work more to her advantage or to her disadvantage.


nacho maldonado #18 said...

In my opinion the narrators attititude works in her disadvantage because she never really gave herself a chance to see if she had the talent or potential to be good at what she was doing. For example when she had the tests that her mother gave her she did not even try to study or to learn something about that and try to see if she could succeed in that. When she started to play the piano she really did not care about how she played eventhough at the beginning she saw that she was catching up fast she did not give herself a chance just so that she could prove to her mother that she was not a real protegy eventhough she would have never known because she never even gave herself a chance.

att: natasha n. maldonado 8-4

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