Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two kinds


Two Kinds

Think about the attitude of the narrator in "Two Kinds." Does her attitude work more to her advantage or to her disadvantage.


nacho maldonado #18 said...

In my opinion the narrators attititude works in her disadvantage because she never really gave herself a chance to see if she had the talent or potential to be good at what she was doing. For example when she had the tests that her mother gave her she did not even try to study or to learn something about that and try to see if she could succeed in that. When she started to play the piano she really did not care about how she played eventhough at the beginning she saw that she was catching up fast she did not give herself a chance just so that she could prove to her mother that she was not a real protegy eventhough she would have never known because she never even gave herself a chance.

att: natasha n. maldonado 8-4

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