Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Necklace

Write an ending for the story "The Necklace" starting from the meeting between Madame Loisel and Madame Forestier at the park. Remember, it must be written in a paragraph format

nacho maldonado #18 said...

When madame loisel incounters madame forestier , she tells her about the necklace; in a way she was blamming her about the ten years of ardous work. When actually it wasw her fault for not telling her the truth. After she stoped confessing madame forestier tries to explain to her that her necklace was barely halfh of the money she spent on the replacement. Madame forestier then gives her back the necklace for madame looisel to return it to the store and get the money back. Then she told her to keep the money and forget about giving her a necklace and to use the money to make begin her own company and that if she ever neede financial help that she could count on her; also she told her that no matter what to always tell her the truth. Ten years later madame loisel finally completed her wish of being high class and being wealthy.
natasha n. maldonado :)

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